Stay protected with COVID-19 Prevention Guide book given free by international publisher World Scientific

As part of World Scientific’s efforts to keep the general public safe and protected during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Singapore-based international publisher will be giving away the electronic version of our latest book “Prevention and Control of COVID-19”, co-published with China-based World Century Publishing Corporation.

Written by Professor Wenhong Zhang, head of Shanghai COVID-19 Medical Treatment Expert Team, this timely guide for effective prevention and control of COVID-19 aims to propose preventive and control measures against the infection of COVID-19.

This book allows readers to learn from the Chinese experience at the forefront of COVID-19 prevention. It offers comprehensive guidance on ways to minimize the spread of the virus in different places ranging from homes, outdoors, workplaces, hospitals, etc. Offering scenario-based strategies, it addresses frequent queries and doubts about the virus while dispelling myths that might be prevalent among the public.

Fresh out of the COVID-19 battleground in China, which is seeing a downturn in a number of infected cases, this authoritative book serves as a comprehensive, practical, concise and scientific guide on prevention and control of COVID-19.

By offering the e-version for free, World Scientific hopes this will enable readers across the world to play their part in combating the coronavirus pandemic. A copy of the e-book is available at https://www.worldscientific.

The publisher has also made the e-copy of its latest Asia-Pacific Biotech News magazine which contains exclusive articles on the COVID-19 situation free for download at

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