OPAC Advanced Searching

LS2 PAC – Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to perform specific searching.  From the Landing Page click the more search option then click Advanced Search below to the Search bar.  

Our library offer other search options such as Reading Levels or Academic Reserves. You will see this option along with the Advanced Search option.

 Getting Started

If you want to search specific locations, click (change) next to Searching all locations.

A Select Locations to Search dialog displays, as shown in the following example.  Select the check box for each of the locations you want to search, and then click Save.  The heading will reflect the number of locations you have selected; for example, Searching 3 locations.

Next, choose between any of these or all of these for the search terms you are about to enter.  The default selection is all of these.  Consider the following:  • Use any of these to search for ‘this term’ OR ‘that term’. • Use all of these to search for ‘this term’ AND ‘that term’.

Choose from the first drop-down list: Any field, Title, Author, Series, Subject, Note, Tag, ISBN, UPC, or Local Call #. Choose from the second drop-down list, depending on your selection from the first dropdown, begins with, exactly matches, contains, or does not contain, as selections will vary based on your first selection.  

Type your search term in the entry box.  Use the second set of drop-down lists if you want to narrow your search further.  Click the plus sign to add additional parameters.  You can have up to five fields.  Click Advanced Search after you add your search terms.

Search Examples

  • If you search using Title and begins with for the search term star your results may be Starry, Star Wars, Starting over, etc.
  • If you search using Title and exactly matches for the search term fish your results only contain the word Fish.
  • If you search using Title and contains for the search term fish, and then Subject and contains for the search term ocean, and then Subject and does not contain for the search term marine, your search results contain fish in the title with a subject of ocean but not marine.
  • If you search using Series and contains for the search term Star Wars and then Author and contains for Watson, your search results are narrowed down to all Jude Watson’s Star Wars Series

Academic Reserves Search

For Academic Libraries the Academic Reserves search link is used to view the three main components associated with Reserves: Departments, Courses, and related Instructors.  Clicking Academic Reserves opens the search form displaying the Academic Reserves search options along with the Advanced Search tab.  Use the Academic Reserves form to narrow your search to the specific information you need for reserved materials: what courses are offered, what items are required, the availability of the item, and the instructor associated with the reserve

To search all reserves, leave Any showing in the Departments, Courses, and Instructors fields, and then click View All Reserves.  The search results will display all of the items placed on reserve.