Library and American Corner Events and Programs

Breaking the Red Stigma”


 International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024


The visit of Ms. Marcy Carrel, the Regional Public Engagement Specialist (REPS) of the US Embassy in Jakarta. Accompanied by her REPS assistant, Ms. Netty Lombardo & Ms. Jennifer Anne Pascua, the coordinator of American Spaces Philippines.


Thanksgiving Celebration 2023


Forum and Coffee: International Education Week 2023


Blazing DivergenCE: CE Liga 2023 event at the American Corner


 Words That Work: A Communication Crash Course 2023


 The Smithsonian Civil Society Certification Workshops 2023


American Corner Open-House Event 2023


Kilos: Youth for Social Impact Fellowship Program 2023


The East Asia Pacific Regional Youth Leaders Democracy Dialogue