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For verification purposes, only queries sent using official ADDU email will be answered.

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Renewing borrowed books can be done online using your ibrary account.


To view your Circulation Record, click on Log In on the upper right portion of the screen.

* For your Library ID, key in your complete barcode characters.
Ex. 8201300123456N or 8201300012345N

* For your default PIN, use your patron code which is the last 5 or 6 digits of your ID Barcode excluding the last character. Please change your PIN immediately.
Ex. 8201300123456N or 8201300012345N

After entering your Barcode and PIN, click Log In. If you cannot log in after several attempts, please ask the Librarian for assistance.

Once logged in, select the materials you want to renew by checking the boxes in the RENEW column and then click the Renew Selected button. If you want to renew everything, click the Renew ALL button.

If you cannot renew items, a message will appear on the screen. If you are successful, a new due date will appear in the “STATUS” column. Always check the STATUS column for information on the success or failure of your renewal.

Click on Log out before leaving the OPAC Stations to prevent other users from viewing your record.

Category: Covid19 FAQs
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in your AdDU email using the "Sign in with Google option". Enter you AdDU email and password.
  3. Check your indox for a confirmation email, and follow the link in the email to verify your account.
Onced you've confirmed your email, enjoy access to Grammarly Premium in all of Grammarly products.

To request an instructor account, please send an email to from your ADDU email address. Include “Instructor Account Request” in the subject line.

Check your indox for a confirmation email, and follow the link in the email to verify your account.

Follow the instruction below in setting up your account.


We encourage everyone to stay home and wait to return items until it is safe to do so.

You do not have to return any items at this time. In compliance with the recent memo issued by the University President, all borrowed books with a due date starting March 13, 2020, will not be charged. The schedule of returning the books will be put on hold until further notice.

Category: Covid19 FAQs

Login using your AdDU email address

Remote Library:

Daigler VLE:

Category: Covid19 FAQs

On-campusanyone (all visitors, students, faculty, staff) on any of the ADDU campuses can access these resources through computers/devices connected to the ADDU network including campus wi-fi.

  • Visitors can inquire at a library Information Desk about using computers.

Off-campusonly current ADDU students and current faculty and staff can connect by logging in through the Remote Library Portal and Virtual Learning Environment